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The Root of Fear is Ignorance.
The one thing I have learned over the years, is that most people who have a problem with a specific breed of dog either had one bad experience or heard bad stuff on the news. Humans are allowed to be afraid...I'm afraid of spiders, hopefully no one faults me for that! What I hope to accomplish with this blog is to help Pit Bull and other Power Breed owners to understand that some people don't know any better than to be afraid. As dog owners we have to take our time and show the public that no one breed stands alone with behavioral issues. I hope to not only educate people who don't know the blessings our dogs bring, but also help educate people who may not know what is appropriate behavior for them and their dog. Though I don't believe Breed Specific Legislation is effective in educating the public, I do believe Potentially Dangerous Dog, Dangerous Dog, and Irresponsible Owner Legislation can not only educate, but improve public safety as well.
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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dog Bite Facts

I just wanted to throw out some references and information from some well respected people in the dog community. I have had some questions about what breed of dog bites the most and what breed of dog kills the most people... The answer is pretty simple.

There is no way to have a controlled study to determine what breeds bite more... 
People don't always report bites.
Small dogs can do less damage.
The bigger the dog, the bigger the possibility of damage needing medical attention.
Majority of dogs are of mixed breeds.

Want to know more about Dog Bite Fatalities? 
This is the most informational assessment I have come across...

Here are some quotes from well respected dog trainers, veterinarians, and behaviorists.

"...explanation lies in the fact that if a dog has not been taught how to function successfully in a domestic environment he will behave the only way he knows how".- Victoria Stillwell

"If I were asked to recommend a dog for a children's psychiatric ward, my first choice would be a Pit Bull".-Dr. Ian Dunbar

"Untrained dogs become the prisoners of their own behavior".-Carolyn Krause


"Create a functional relationship with your dog and family, not a dysfunctional relationship based on punishment".-Misti Fry

"Those of you who know me know that, when it comes to dogs, especially those accused of aggression toward humans... I am a realist, and know well that there are dogs that are dangerous....Yet I demand, from myself, two things: one, that I search for the total story behind an attack... and that secondly, every single dog gets a fair, fact-and observation-based evaluation, without presumption of guilt or innocence, and as free as I can make it from bias based on type or breed".-Jim Crosby

"Any dog will bite if pushed too far, and eliciting a bite does not necessarily mean that the dog is dangerous in general".-Nicole Wilde

"I believe all dogs should be judged according to their behavior not their breed."-Carrie Galvan

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